Automatic Marketing

Our Automatic Member Marketing feature allows you to set up pre defined marketing messages and offers for your database. These will trigger specifically tailored promotions and rewards to your clients.


Tailored Promotions

For example, you can offer a customer a free bottle of wine with their stay on their birthday, or reward a regular customer with free chocolates in their room on their anniversary. You can even use these to re-engage “lost” guests who have not been with you in a while.

Automatic marketing

What makes our automatic marketing solution so powerful is that the system does all this automatically, without you haveing to do any work. So rather than your marketing department trawling through your database, our system will detect when somebody is due to receive a promotion, reward, offer or gift.


Scheduled Promotions

i.e. A previous guests birthday is in three weeks and send them an offer stating why not treat yourself to a night way for your birthday and celebrate it with a complimentary bottle of wine.

Tailered Promotions

The automated data analysis runs continuously so promotions and offers can be set to run daily weekly or monthly depending on your specific requirement. Our Automated Loyalty Marketing features are really easy to use and will not only increase the effectiveness of your loyalty program but will save time and money as well.

Call us on IRE: +353 (1) 5314876 or UK: 0044 1582 227959 to see how Arcovo Hotel Loyalty automatic marketing module can provide your business with the most effective, automatic marketing to transform your Hotel Program.

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