07 Nov

Loyalty Will Grow Your RevPar

A question I’m always asked about loyalty for hotels is- what are the main reasons for hotels starting a loyalty program?

So in a very brief format here we go;

  1. Retain existing Guests
    In five years, an hotel with a 70% customer retention rate will have lost two to three times as many customers as an hotel with a 90% retention rate. So everything you can do to keep that retention rate high is crucial.
  1. Win-back defected & churned guests
    Customer win-back expert Michael Lowenstein says that the success rate in approaching ‘lost’ customers can be three to four times as high as it is when prospecting for new customers. For example, the rate for converting prospects might typically be 5%, while that for reactivating inactive customers might be as high as 15-20%. The Arcovo Hotel Loyalty platform monitors missing/defected guests and wins them back for you!
  1. Best Guest marketing
    Simply put, best customer marketing (BCM) involves spending more time, effort, and money on your best customers in order to maximise the return on marketing investment.

The Arcovo Hotel Loyalty platform will do this for you. www.arcovohotelloyalty.com

  1. Create Raving Fans
    Advocacy is one of the highest forms of loyalty that a guest can show. Advocates are so satisfied and pleased with your offering that they tell their friends and associates.

To most people, a personal recommendation is far more convincing than any amount of promotional material they receive – even if they already trust the brand.

6. Grow your F&B database by offering loyalty in all areas of your property, including Spa and Leisure as well as F&B etc. Building and F&B database will get you the long sought after growth in this area. How, by encouraging frequent customers to be more frequent through automated offer issuance based on data analysis.

Curious? Why not just call us and have a quick chat. We wont hunt you down or chase you around:) Instead, we will just chat with you on the How’s and Why’s of loyalty for your property

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