At Arcovo Hotel Loyalty we know the importance of Loyalty Reporting & KPI’s (key performance indicators to revenue managers GM’s and financial controllers). The secret to maximising the return on your hotel loyalty program is having the correct reports and KPI’s in place and using these reports to transform your hotel business.

Once you have launched your Hotel Loyalty Program you will want to know how everything is performing. At Arcovo we have used all our expertise in hotel loyalty and invested heavily in providing world class Reporting and KPI functionality into our platform as standard.

Having a customer database that can be automatically mined allows you to make well informed loyalty programme decisions that will maximise the return on your investment and increase revenue.

Reporting & KPI's


Loyalty Reporting module

Our cutting edge reporting module includes reports on


  • Daily Recruitment Of New Members
  • Number Of Visits
  • High Spenders
  • Loyalty Members Average Spend
  • Top Members
  • Defected Customers
  • What Members Are Referring You Business
  • Incentives That Have Been Issued To Members
  • What The Take Up Of Those Incentives Were

Inter-Hotel Points Billing

Arcovo Hotel loyalty are also the only commercial hotel loyalty system supplier in the world to provide

Inter-Hotel Points Billing. This allows chains of hotel to transfer payments or credits for points earned in one hotel and used in another hotel.

This unique offering is perfect for chains of hotels where the management team wish to keep track of rewards claimed in their hotel from customers of other hotels. Arcovo are the only supplier in the marketplace who can offer this functionality.

Inter hotel points billing

All of the Reports can be set for any time period with activity by week, by month, by year or whatever you need.

The Arcovo Hotel Loyalty reporting module is so effective we can even show you the exact Return On Investment for all you hotel loyalty program actions.

Everything you would need or want to know, all at the touch of a button. In fact, your reports can be automatically emailed to you on a recurring schedule without any additional intervention on your part.

Auto reporting

Call us on IRE: +353 (1) 5314876 or UK: 0044 1582 227959 to see how Arcovo Hotel Loyalty can provide your business with the most effective reporting module to transform your Hotel Program.

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