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The Leading Hotel Loyalty Solution For Independent Hotels, Hotel Chains, And Marketing Groups


The Arcovo Hotel Loyalty Platform fully manages your loyalty program. From online recruitment through to automated offers, tiered membership levels and multiple rewards categories to suit corporate, leisure, local F&B, bookers and MICE. Our hotel loyalty platform is recognised as the leader in hotel loyalty.

  • Integrate with your PMS OR Use as a ‘Stand Alone’ ‘Out Of The Box’ solution
  • Drive bookings away from OTA’s and back to your website
  • Increase Guest Frequency With Effective Rewards and Benefits
  • Inter-Hotel Points Billing
  • Automatic Marketing
  • Secure Data Management and Protection
  • Mobile and Web Functionality
  • Real Time Reporting and KPI’s
  • Automatically Triggered Offers
  • Email and SMS Integration
  • Data Management Module
  • Astonishingly simple to install and set up
  • Requires no Capital Expenditure
  • Provides the most cost effective marketing tool at your disposal
  • Is the most affordable and secure hotel loyalty system on the market
  • Can easily operate across any property management system even if you have a variety of management systems across your property
  • Real Time Reporting and Analysis
  • Email and mobile marketing built in
  • Powerful promotion manager and Loyalty Marketing Strategies to complement your loyalty program


Studies show that it can cost up to seven times as much to acquire a new guest as it does to retain an existing guest. It’s for this reason many hotels implement and offer hotel loyalty programs to allow them to successfully remarket to their existing client base and grow that client base.

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How Does A Hotel Loyalty Program Work

Simple and frequent communication is the key to cultivating hotel loyalty. However the key to successful frequent communication with your clients is to have right system in place.

This system needs to be able to automatically market to these customers based on your specific triggers to ensure that you are maximising these customers spend with your hotel.

By successfully remarketing to your existing client base your hotel will:

  • Re-Engage “lost guests”
  • Provide timely incentives to clients to visit again
  • Incentivise guests at quiet times to increase occupancy
  • Reward your top spenders so they feel their custom is appreciated

tailered rewards based on customer spend

It couldn’t be easier with automatic messaging for occasions and events or simply to thank them for their business.

Your Rewards Program Should Provide

  • Soft Benefits
  • In The Moment Awards
  • Red Rope Treats
  • Silver, Gold and Platinum Levels
  • Multiple Reward Categories

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Should My Hotel Implement A Hotel Loyalty Program?

Any hotel that wishes to grow and strengthen their guest relationships should invest in a hotel loyalty program. As Cornellhave shown it is the most effective way to grow repeat guest revenue.

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