01 Oct

Independent Hotels adapt hotel loyalty software and hotel loyalty programs for many great reasons

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At Arcovo Hotel Loyalty we see many independent hotels are adapting loyalty programs within their properties for an ever growing list of reasons.

1. Grow rooms business.. Cornell have found that an effective loyalty program can grow repeat business from frequent guests by as much as 50%. Added to this you can ensure that all bookings are made through your own booking engine and away from OTA’s becasue Arcovo will increase the presence of your booking engine by as much as 600% to your members..

2. Meetings… What better way to leverage a realtionship with your meetings bookers than to ensure they are on board with your property through a rewards program.. It guarantees to stop the ‘lets look around to see what else is out there’ that bookers are always keen to do.

3. Local food and beverage. Many hotels are using facebook and social media to push the local F&B business but even Facebooks own figures say that you can only reach 16% of your audience through the social media platform. Why not build your own membership that you own. Most hotels will quickly build a membership of up to 2000 members. Thats 160 automated birthday emails or SMS messages going out each month. Its also a great way of offering your own incentives to a listening audience. One quick SMS gets them in to your bar or restaurant..

4. Grow in-house dining from residents. Many hotels offer guests, bonus points for in-house dining. This is a remarkably effective and easy way to keep your guests in-house..

5. Grow Leisure and Spa. The Arcovo Hotel Loyalty Platform will allow you to run seamless loyalty across all of your hotels revenue centres yet offer subtleties such as different rewards for different sections of your business. We can automate offers based on data analysis such as high spenders and missing guests or for whatever parametres you set. We can even takle a datafeed from any pms..

Why not take a look at a loyalty program for your property? We can show you how others are performing and then you can make up your own mind.

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