09 Nov

Loyalty Gives Hotels A Point Of Difference

Hi Everyone,

Loyalty is not about the points instead it’s about “points of difference”. By implementing your own in-house loyalty program you are giving your hotel the ability to make your points of difference stand out from the crowd…

I mean, how else are you as a hotel Sales & Marketing director going to get the message across to your guests that;

  1. You want ALL of their available business.(without sounding desperate or needy)
  2. What quantifiable strategy have you got to ensure you are doing more than other hotels to get that business?
  3. What strategy have you got in place to maintain and encourage your best guests and incentivise the weaker spenders?

What better way to lock in those valuable guests than to issue them with a platinum card or gold card for your property?

Ensure potential guests stay away from OTA’s by letting them earn points for their stay by booking through your site.

Arcovo Hotel Loyalty provides you with the tools to do all of the above. In adddtion to this we can provide you with the means necessary to implement different loyalty strategies for differnt areas of your hotels. So grow F&B sales, corporate, bookers and MICE as well as Leisure and Spa business…

You can do treats, offers, rewards and lots lots more for your guests..

By running your own in-house loyalty program you are giving the message to your guests that says “We want to do more for you” and when guests sign up to a loyalty program at your property it’s a statement from them that says “Okay, show me what you’ve got and if I like it you can have all of my business!”

Why not take a look at the 5 Essentials of Loyalty video here

You can view our Brochure here

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