21 Jul

How Can Top Class Hotel Loyalty Software Grow F&B Sales?

How Can Top Class Hotel Loyalty Software Grow F&B Sales?

Hotels and restaurants can really use their own loyalty program to incentivise both local F&B sales and increase spend from guests by encouraging in-house dining with an effective loyalty program.. Loyalty has changed so much in the last 5 years. Its no longer all about points and rewards. With a Hotel or Restaurant loyalty platform from Arcovo Hotel Loyalty You get full automated data anlaysis and triggered offers too.

How does this work? Well firstly, by having top class hotel loyalty software or restaurant loyalty software with online presence and offers automation you get to build your own valuable F&B Guest History.. This allows our platform to send offers to high spenders or missing diners, birthdays, anniversaries and lots more… as you decide.

Example 1 Restaurants;

So you have launched a loyalty program or Platinum Card in your restaurant and you have recruited 2000 members over a 12 month period with a combination of in-house recruitment and online recruitment through your online Rewards pages (we provide these for FREE!)

You now have an Audience to talk with. You can get throught to 96% of this audience with SMS messaging or you can email them your promotion using our Coupon Features (no charge or fees).. Afterall Facebooks own Figures show a penetration rate of 16% Only!

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When your members are considering where to dine they keep you top of the mind. Added to this our leading edge loyalty software platform is emailing automated offers as they qualify for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, high spenders, new members and lots more…

We will provide you with full reporting and KPI’s on your success too and of course help you put your program together for launch..

Example 2 Hotels;

For hotels with F&B facilities all of the positives in example one apply but you get the added bonus of being able to categorise your hotel loyalty program so that you can make relevant offers to relavant categories e.g. Conference bookers, Corporate, Leisure and Local F&B.

Many of our clients use points and soft offers to increase in-house spend from their residents. So for exxample corporate members may get perks of joining late check out or free room service delivery, comp upgrade when available and of course a ‘Free Drink’ when they dine in-house..

Added to this its always wise to offer bonus points for dining in-house. It works really well for our clients and yet is so simple.

With our hotel loyalty software and unique loyalty offer automation and hotel loyalty data analysis we can really bring your hotel loyalty program to great levels of success.

Why not request a demo or even a quick phone call to talk you through the options? We have no setup charges and charge a low monthly fee and of course years of loyalty experience with hotels and restaurants so you can at least see how others are managing and performing..

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