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Arcovo Hotel Loyalty

The Leading Hotel Loyalty Solution For Independent Hotels, Hotel Chains, And Marketing Groups


The Arcovo Hotel Loyalty Platform fully manages your loyalty program. From online recruitment through to automated offers, tiered membership levels and multiple rewards categories to suit corporate, leisure, local F&B, bookers and MICE. Our hotel loyalty platform is recognised as the leader in hotel loyalty.

[column layout=”three”] [icon_list icon_style=”colored” font_size=”default_size” item_width=”1″] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-check”]Integrate with your PMS OR Use as a ‘Stand Alone’ ‘Out Of The Box’ solution[/icon_list_line] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-check”]Drive bookings away from OTA’s and back to your website[/icon_list_line] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-check”]Increase Guest Frequency With Effective Rewards and Benefits[/icon_list_line] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-check”]Inter-Hotel Points Billing[/icon_list_line] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-check”]Automatic Marketing[/icon_list_line] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-check”]Secure Data Management and Protection[/icon_list_line] [/icon_list] [/column] [column layout=”three”] [icon_list icon_style=”colored” font_size=”default_size” item_width=”1″] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-check”]Mobile and Web Functionality[/icon_list_line] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-check”]Real Time Reporting and KPI’s[/icon_list_line] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-check”]Automatically Triggered Offers[/icon_list_line] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-check”]Email and SMS Integration[/icon_list_line] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-check”]Data Management Module[/icon_list_line] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-check”]Astonishingly simple to install and set up[/icon_list_line] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-check”]Requires no Capital Expenditure[/icon_list_line] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-check”]Provides the most cost effective marketing tool at your disposal[/icon_list_line] [/icon_list] [/column] [column layout=”three”] [icon_list icon_style=”colored” font_size=”default_size” item_width=”1″] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-check”]Is the most affordable and secure hotel loyalty system on the market[/icon_list_line] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-check”]Can easily operate across any property management system even if you have a variety of management systems across your property[/icon_list_line] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-check”]Real Time Reporting and Analysis[/icon_list_line] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-check”]Email and mobile marketing built in[/icon_list_line] [icon_list_line icon=”icon-check”]Powerful promotion manager and Loyalty Marketing Strategies to complement your loyalty program[/icon_list_line] [/icon_list] [/column]
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