17 Jun

Does Hotel Loyalty Program or Hotel Loyalty Software Grow Sales?

I am often asked this question "Will a loyalty program grow our hotel sales?"

The answer of course is yes. Just read this Cornell University research.

But thats America…! What about this side of the Atlantic?

Yes loyalty will grow your sales. In fact a loyalty program designed and built in the correct way will increase frequency of visit for your corporates. grow your local F&B trade and grow leisure business or whatever market you want it for.

Added to this a great loyalty program will increase guest two way interaction by 600% guaranteed!

Dont forget the same loyalty program can be used for Booker Loyalty to incentivise people/agents who book business into your property. We can even give you remote login pages for these clients so they can login remotely and see their points earned etc.

Loyalty is about 1-2-1. Its about how you manage that long term relationship with your guest..

Loyalty is not all about points. Loyalty should be about ‘Perks’ of membership so that even if a guest doesn’t earn a lot of points they will still choose your hotel first as the ‘Perks’ of membership are far better with your property. Perks can be anything from late checkout to room upgrade and so on.

Loyalty is all about building data and analysing that data on a daily basis to issue relevant offers and commnications. Dont worry we will do this bit for you:)

Loyalty is about extending your hand and your brand out to your own guests who are your audience… Giving them real reasons for choosing your property time and time again. Taking the focus away from price. Ensuring they book using your booking engine on each visit.

By running your own in-house loyalty program from Arcovo Hotel Loyalty you can grow a two-way relationship where you get to extend your brand and incentivise your guests.
Our specialist Hotel Loyalty Software is built for independent hotels and is priced at a low monthly fee meaning you can be up and running with your own ‘Platinum Club’ or ‘Gold Card’ loyalty program without any major investment.
Our software does all of the work, check, you can view more here… Video…5 Essentials Of Hotel Loyalty

Why not reply to this email for a quick chat or demo and we can show you how other hotels are growing sales and increasing guest frequency or you can view our brochure here.

Kind regards,

Finbarr Malone M.Sc. Hospitality MHCIMA

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