05 Jun 2015

Why not have your own in-house loyalty program

As hoteliers almost everything we do is to support the brand and the ‘story’ behind our property and what makes us who we are…For many of us the ‘story’ is why guest’s choose to stay with us.. Its the brand.

By running your own in-house loyalty program from Arcovo Hotel Loyalty you can grow a two-way relationship where you get to extend your brand and incentivise your guests.

Our specialist Hotel Loyalty Software is built for independent hotels and is priced at a low monthly fee meaning you can be up and running with your own ‘Platinum Club’ or ‘Gold Card’ loyalty program without any major investment.

Our software does all of the work.

Why not reply to this email for a quick chat or demo and we can show you how other hotels are growing sales and increasing guest frequency?

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23 Apr 2015

Loyalty brings guests back from the brink of OTA’s V1


Hi Everyone,

This email is the first in a series on Using Loyalty To Increase Guest Frequency.

See how others are benefitting with real live examples from clients of ours in Ireland and the UK

Did You know that guests are still booking more with Hotel Engines than with OTA’s. OTA’s are used for an overall reference point to an area.. According to James Bland of BDRC Continental. Who have carried out research in this area.

When they get to your site they look for extra reasons to book with you. One of those should be loyalty!

Did you know that a good loyalty program, run correctly.. Will give you a 600% increase in guest interaction!

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30 Oct 2014

Hotel Loyalty Is Growing Business-Are You In?

Independent hotels and hotel chains continue to realise the benefits and potential that a good in-house loyalty program can offer them. This month alone, at Arcovo Hotel Loyalty we have signed eight new hotel clients.

So why are these properties engaging in their own loyalty card program? Well, because we are using cutting edge technology to bring the relationship between hotelier and guest to a new level..

For more check out our 5 Essentials of Hotel Loyalty

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26 May 2014

Cornell University, Assessing the Benefits of Reward Programs

Hotel Loyalty Program Software


Assessing the Benefits of Reward Programs – A Recommended Approach and Case Study from the Lodging Industry

Assessing the Benefits of Reward Programs – Two groups of independent hotels experienced an average 50-percent increase in annual revenue when customers joined their hotel loyalty programs, almost entirely due to an increase in patronage. These guests were already the hotels’ best customers, but the number of annual room-nights they purchased increased by an average of 50 percent after they joined the program.

On the other hand, ADR for the loyalty program guests increased modestly (1 percent for one hotel group and 5 percent for the other).

The analysis compared customer behavior of matched pairs of hotel guests, where one member of the pair had enrolled in the hotels’ loyalty program and the other had not. By identifying matched pairs of the guests before enrollment, the analysis could record the differential in behavior of guests after one member of the pair joined the loyalty program.

In addition to documenting measurable financial effects from the hotels’ reward program, the report demonstrates a logical way to evaluate program effectiveness with the paired customers approach.

As you can see from these results gained from assessing the benefits of reward programs that Hotel Loyalty Programs can create a dramatic increase in business.

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