30 Jul

Loyalty Will Grow Your Hotel Sales…Full Stop

Loyalty will drive business right across your property including Spa, Leisure and local F&B and it will pay you many times over..

Loyalty allows you to use technology to ‘hold your hand out’ to each guest on each visit, to extend your brand and your welcome. Loyalty is an extension of what it is that you do…

Beware its not all about the points.. Your loyalty platform needs to be able to handle data analysis and automated offers to members based on their actions or lack of actions. The guest who stays 6 times may not chase points collection but they do want to be a member to avail of the Red Rope Treats and perks of membership..

So Lets See How Loyalty Drives Business..

Article 1. The latest J.D Power survey on hotel loyalty found that “Loyalty/Rewards brands (hotels) that satisfy the needs of their members are more likely to build loyalty and drive recommendations via word of mouth and positive reviews.” You can read the full article here

Article 2. Cornell University Show 50% Increase in Revenue From Loyalty

Cornell University need no introduction to those of us in the Hospitality business and this is a great piece of research from them.. Check the article out here on our own website.

“Two groups of independent hotels experienced an average 50-percent increase in annual revenue when customers joined their hotel loyalty programs, almost entirely due to an increase in patronage. These guests were already the hotels’ best customers, but the number of annual room-nights they purchased increased by an average of 50 percent after they joined the program.”

Why not give us a call and we can talk you through everything and see if the time is right for your property.Also our brochure and video explainer are below in my email signature..

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